Our Protocol

We are open for leisure and business travelers. Our property is serviced according to T.B.C.S.A. guidelines. We clean our property with all mandatory disinfectants.


We would be delighted to welcome you as our guests. Stay healthy!

What guests can expect from us, La Roche Guesthouse

  • All public areas are cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Physical distancing measures are in place. Please observe   signage.
  • You will be required to complete a Travel Declaration form  to record your current state of health and travel history.
  • Temperature screening on arrival and daily thereafter.
  • All staff will be wearing masks and other PPE at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all public areas and in guest rooms
  • Minimal cash handling, pay by credit card if possible.
  • Use of the swimming pool will  be permitted in level 3.
  • Room cleaning may be reduced. Limited linen change to reduce contamination risks.  If possible rooms  will be left vacant 48-72 hours between guests.
  • Masks and personal hand sanitizers will be made available on request.
  • We will request a copy of  your ID and home address to be forwarded to us prior to arrival. 
  • No public will be permitted at the hotel or any of its facilities and only the guests booked may stay there and make use of any facilities.

What is expected from you, the Guest 

  • Travel with your ID or passport.
  • Travel with a mask. To be worn at all times in public, other than in your guest room.
  • Travel with your own personal hand sanitizer at all times and use it frequently.
  • Spray your luggage with hand sanitizer, before opening it in your room.
  • Observe distancing rules at the Guesthouse.
  • Don’t travel if you are sick, coughing, sneezing or unwell in any way.
  • Visitors are not allowed due to the Covid 19 regulations.